Exercise muscles, not emotions….

Two weeks into January, 2021. So, my friends, I find myself here exactly one year later, so much for good intentions. When I began a WordPress page I had lofty intentions of writing often, in a candid manner, about things that both delight and dismay me. That was out in the Wayback Machine - 2013 … Continue reading Exercise muscles, not emotions….


Safe Returns – April 20th 2017

Even before I opened one bleary eye at dawn this morning, I heard him.  - "Eeee - oh-layyy! bup bup -.....Layoieeee! ....bup bup EEEoh layyy, ...Leee ohieeEEE!" Nothing means spring has arrived as much as the call of the wood thrush.  Even though every morning now brings a welcome song that means an old friend has arrived back home.  It was … Continue reading Safe Returns – April 20th 2017

Waaaahh! …it’s over!

The 20th Annual Snowflea Telefest has been, and gone - yet we are still basking in the great bounty...of friendships, food, music, laughter, and the deep contented tiredness that comes from the physical challenge of donning a largesse of gear to co-exist with the elements of nature. Kudos to all the happy, stalwart and impervious … Continue reading Waaaahh! …it’s over!

2016 – 30 years!?

Oooomph!! That's a hard thing to believe! 30 years since this little guy showed up in our long winter's night dreams, and helped us embark on this interesting venture. And ... "what a long strange trip it has been"! As Enn and I head into our 30th year as keen ambassadors for back country telemark skiing - (all right, it's … Continue reading 2016 – 30 years!?

Countdown to Snowflea Telefest 2015! February 20-22

Our Winter of Contentment = A Snow Day, Everyday! 🙂 Hello Lodge-Blog! It's been SO long since I've stopped by to have a cup of tea with you, I was very happy to see you still sitting here, patiently waiting for a Bellevue update. What a loyal little blog you are! It's been a beautiful winter for back-country skiing … Continue reading Countdown to Snowflea Telefest 2015! February 20-22