December 08 TeleFest News

This years’ “Lopp – it- Good!” participants did a great job on the newest North Face runs – we have a new ravine run that starts at the apex of an interesting geographic feature named by Mark Stopple “The Pyramid of Denial” – not sure if you answer all the questions if you will get 64,000 ski runs – but hey, we digress.

The hardy crew suffered a bit through a rainy sleety day November 8th, the sauna was a welcome treat after the long but very productive day. The Vortex of Pain saw an expansion to the east side -a lot of raspberry and elder canes to cut at the top of Big Music, and Chris Stopple entertained us with his very adept log rolling antics! A few big trees on Season’s Pass that came down in the spring gales were hastened on their way to becoming forest floor material – a good effort by all!

Cedar came home after a few hours – she smelled the lasagna cooking – but Kirby stuck it out and channeled her wolf genes. Thanks to the crew – Chris Mark and Joel, Marie and Scott, Mike, Alar, Enn, Robin, Lois, Sandy, and fresh air inspector Sheldon “this is a ski run? ” Jaaskelainnen.

Sadly, Robin’s mother passed away this fall on the last still day before the deep snow began – on November 16th. Dorothy and her husband Eoin had collected several fine paintings by Canadian artists, and we have incorporated several into the chalet, in particular one amazing oil painting of Coppermine Point on Lake Superior, painted by Tom Roberts in the 1950’s for the Seagram Collection. The downstairs “Superior Suite” was completed in December just in time for the celebration of Kim and Connor’s Mihells’ wedding. Enn was leaving the chalet with his tool bucket and shopvac just as 50 guests rolled in for the afternoon reception. Kim was resplendent in a strapless wedding gown of cream satin, with a cranberry red sash traced with a vinery of seed pearls that wrapped the top of the bodice and flowed down the back into the train. All the little girls were wide eyed with wonder – such a beautiful snow princess! I think the bride and groom wanted to wear their touring ski boots under the finery but their mothers of course had the final say! The wedding party spent the day of the event and three days subsequent tele-skiing the back trails and touring the Goulais peninsula.

We were grateful to have such a happy and joyous event become the christening party for the completed chalet. Best wishes Kim, and Connor – and may the happiest trails unfold before you!

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