“There’s got to be a morning after …..”

Strangely enough, the weather this past weekend did NOT include snow, rain, hail, freezing sleet or howling gales. However in the air there were a few flying dogs, one spooky white rabbit, and lots of wood! Thanks again to many of the usual suspects, and especially our youngest club members, Courtney and Ashley, who stuck it out on the North Face all Saturday and lopped a lot too!
Fueled by chocolate, much laughter and the usual copious amounts of food and liquid courage, once again we enjoyed ourselves immensely.
The only limbs lost belonged to a few unfortunate trees – although Sir Lop-a Lot Everts did try to chew through his leg with a rusty blade. Sir Walk-a Lot Stopple also tried to ditch the tractor and escape solo into the wilderness but the trusty Kubota followed him home, with a little help from our kindly neighbor.
Our mentor, Heikki Lunta was appeased, and assures us that our various obeyances will insure there will be a great winter, and it is coming soon! So take a deep breath, because the Pyramid of Denial is twice as big….. and if you hold your breath while descending you WILL pass out!
Thanks again, everyone – it was a very productive and fun weekend and the backhills are once again in great form. We can’t wait until we are once again in your company.
Snow is coming!!
robin and enn

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