November 24th 2010

I always have good intentions – but really, this blog is suffering from a decided lack of blog-ness! Of course it is difficult to haul a computer to town (hi-speed land)  – remember a password you have not used for a year (never easy, all social activity seems to need a password …) and then find a place to plug in. Too bad there isn’t an internet café at Canadian Tire – I could use my Canadian Tire money to buy the coffee!

Well, on to the goods – since I am happily ensconced at my newest fave corner at the Starbucks corner at Algoma’s Watertower Inn. Can not even start to compare to the wonderful coffee in Hawai’i … but perhaps I’ll save that story for real-time talk.

We sampled the Kona coffee with our hardy Lopp-It crew last weekend – it was a great Saturday turnout, with the weather conditions cooperating! The weather was extremely cold – well below zero but with several sunny hours and no rain, sleet or snow to challenge the hardy gang.  Since there has been a lot of wind this fall, several large trees needed relocation, and even though Markie -Mark tried his best to get a permanent limb removal to qualify for a disability to apply for his medical care, no serious injuries were forthcoming. However I will be posting a picture soon of Mr. Dye’s “stink-eye” … or should I say “stick-eye”?

Thanks to everyone who came out to brave the wicked woods – a word of explanation might be in order –  if your muscles were complaining this week it’s probably from laughing too hard!

We have also had great help this fall from the Sault College Outdoor students … Conor Mihell and Laurence Foster have each brought their classes out to the valley to help do some brushing. A treat to see so many happy faces out in the woods – nature’s classroom!

It seems Heikki Lunta has been lurking around the neighborhood – he hasn’t settled in yet but there has been a little dusting of snow these past two days … all the “signs” are pointing to a heavy snowfall this winter. The woollybear caterpillars had a big black body stripes, Clancy the horse busted out and ate the fall carrot harvest, and Enn’s brother Alar has already donned his 30-yr-old snowmobile survival suit, which he will now keep on all winter, until his family ambushes him in the spring and lures him out with a new spandex swimsuit and a picture of his sailboat.

What is your special harbinger or oracle that guides you to knowledge of what the winter will have in store?

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all our friends across the line ….



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