Dogs, deer and delightful downhills

December 13th 2010

Brrr!! It is extremely cold today – i don’t think the thermometer crept up from -15c . Here on the funnel-end of Lake Superior, we were just on the northern edge of that wicked storm that paralysed most of the eastern time zone this past weekend. Although we didn’t get a huge amount of snow (I think about 10 cms fell in total ) .. it was really fine particulate and it packed in hard and crunchy, and made a great base. Enn and I walked to the top of the Undertaker yesterday – and we should have worn our snowshoes. There’s enough snow now to do some turns if you are wearing your rock-skiis!

Enn, Conor and Roy took on the herculean task of hauling the saws over to The North Face on Saturday … to clear several large deadfalls on the access trail. The trails are now in super shape – at least until the next huge windstorm!

Not many animal tracks this weekend except for a pine marten trail over near the porkie’s den – and one large area where the deer have been rooting for acorns – much to the delight of the youngsters, Jack and Heikki. Jack is a new friend of Conor and Kims’ – he looks to be part Siberian Husky, and part Energy!  He’s a wonderful dog, friendly and with boundless enthusiasm. They found him at the local Humane Society – an early Christmas present for our community of canine friends.

Most Humane Societies and Animal Rescue groups now have web-sites with their “inmates” featured online – a great way to reach a larger audience when looking for kind folks to offer a home to these poor dogs and cats who are down on their people -luck.

…just thought I would remind you that there are better web-sites to peruse on your lunch breaks other than the horoscope page! …and if your horror-scope says …”today you will meet a new friend” …perhaps that’s a hint to go and check out some four-legged ones! ..and boost your karma by helping somebody find a friend …

cheers for now,


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