January 11th, 2011 …come on, SNOW!

Happy New Year!

Yeah, I know it’s a bit late to keep saying that but I haven’t had a chance to talk to you bloggies yet this year. I suppose that’s good news – being busy, I mean …as this is the season for it! Winter around here means lots of ski and snowshoe guests, and many everyday chore activities  – fires going in three buildings, shoveling and plowing, beds and laundry, filling the birdfeeders, answering emails and phone queries, and most of all, making sure there’s time to spend part of every day out on skiis! Track, tele, backcountry, downhill  – as long as they slide, we’re on them!

Unfortunately we have been suffering from the lack of snow – the back country is not deep enough for our usual tele free-fall approach to altitude … but the trails systems at Stokely and Kinsman are in good shape, and we’ve been touring a good flat-lander route to the river that amuses the dogs. Hopefully one of these days SOON we will be on the receiving end of the usual lake effect snow – one good 2 foot dump would do it for the rest of the winter.  All of our snow-dancers have assured us they have been sweating it out and stomping the boards ….. perhaps it’s a matter of switching over to sacrificial offerings!

However there are no limits to enjoying the season – on one single day last week,  we were able to skate across Harmony Bay to Batchewana Island,  go ice-boating, track skiing and also “ski-jouring” with Heikki the Youngpup and Jack-Rabbit Mihell ….and the sun was shining too – what more could you ask for?

When conditions out back are dicey, Enn and I ski a lot at the local resort Searchmont  – the lodge is fun and friendly and all the snow-guns are going.

I bought a pair of Atomic “Femme-Fatale” tele-skiis last year to add to my quiver. They are short and snappy – and the name makes me feel invincible on the slopes … is that bad?  Also I find my skiing technique has changed a lot because of the speed I can attain! I’ve been doing a lot of high -speed tele-darting…it’s easier on the ol’ quad muscles.I took part in some training last week for instructing – and found it very difficult! We had to slow down the turns and dissect the whole “weight/release” thing. It was really hard to slow the process down – you can cheat a lot on your turns when you have speed and gravity on your side!

Oh – I forgot to tell you that Snowflea Telefest 2011 is filling up fast! The lodge beds are full – but we do have some “satelite support” with some wonderful local accomodations, so if you plan on being here – drop us a line and we’ll fit you in. I’m sure we will have some deep drifts by then – if not, it’s gonna be time to sell up and move on! ;-(

…’later folks – and of course we do hope all of you that drop in here from time to time have a happy and healthy 2011!


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