Life goes on (after ski season – “sob’)

Spring has sprung to the Valley …

– it happens in a rush,with a maximum  fuss

a hodge-podge of new creatures, wild winds and stardust

one day you are gliding through the still snowy trees,

the next you find yourself with surprised dirty knees.

The ditch turns into a rushing stream,

Last weeks’ Telebration at Boyne – just a dream!

Payoff comes when the geese

and sandhills land,

Pteradactyl cries competing with the band.

What band, you ask? Why, the one in the lodge

Recording a new EP with vim and “verbage”

instead of early days of powder, we now have a pact

With late nights and pizza, and monitor stacks

Yes, life in the Valley can be quite serene

if you can find any time to catch up with the scene!

One thought on “Life goes on (after ski season – “sob’)

  1. It was 92 when I met u
    “Me” u say, no way Jose.
    But I’m txt’n about my days
    Before some prayers
    And thoughts of take-off(s)
    Not goldilocks of snow tracks
    From wings on feet waxed,
    But trees as ridge lines, kind of
    Like curves in a maze of trees.

    So how do I know Goulais 400?
    U pictured it, the ridge of Robertson,
    Only by wandering for new heights
    Of being, searching, not Searchmount
    actually, the mountain called “King”,
    Rather on top of Stier Mountain.

    Alas, descending the next day
    To finish my first great ascension,
    Of my new worldly dimension(s),
    Of people and places that my travels
    Will have contemplations, surrender
    All poetry of my thoughts
    To waiting for eye candy and salts
    On top of… Goulais’ rock!

    Alas, I no longer dwell for moments
    Like ours, so write and or now type
    For meaning in existence.


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