Lop-It-Good ~ on November 5th 2011!

Hey there!

Sorry for the short notice – Enn and I have been a bit pre-occupied lately. However announcements are never too late – unless there are not announced, right?  So for all you lurky loppers out there, this here’s yer official notice of the annual Lodge Lop-It, November 5th, 2011, (ye…eess, 10 days from now!)

Calling all trusty trashy trail trimmers!

Finest accomodations, plentiful food and woody warmth  are all provided, and you can bring your silliest stories, loftiest ideals, and sturdy souls. Hard liquor is strangely popular with the gurrls.

Better yet….. a few saws are always welcome. Don’t forget an insurance policy naming Bellevue Valley Lodge as the beneficiary – and you can always use an extra pair of socks. We’ll use your old wet ones to deodorize the sauna. They come in handy to scare the bears away, too!

Please let us know if you can come –  we sure look forward to seeing you!

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