House Concert in November – Stephen Fearing

We are looking forward to a favourite artist performing here in November – musician and friend Stephen Fearing will be here on November 24th for a matinee performance. Stephen is one-third of the supergroup “Blackie and the Rodeo Kings”, former Snowflea Telefest performer, part of the duo “Fearing and White” and one of the most talented and hardest touring folk-rocksters I know of… this past summer he set up several shows live streamed on the internet that were simply amazing in the sense of intimacy and candour, and yet available for viewing by everyone who wished to participate. 

As someone who is old enough to remember how we lived before the internet became our closest companion, I am overwhelmed when I see the possibility of the technology used for performance of art; in this case gathering a crowd of people from every part of the planet all at one time to participate in the experience. The shows Stephen presented were so ambient – the audience could tweet and talk on the sidescreen, ask Stephen questions or request songs, revisit old friends, all from the (assumed) privacy of their computer screen. It was mind-blowing to experience what was effectively a “house concert ” presented in this way. 

However I still love the intimacy of a small room, warm with bodies, all with a like-minded intent to be physically present in that moment, to actually experience with more senses than just the eyes and ears, to become one with the performer, and BE the one entity that is that particular concert at that time in space. Everyone and thing becomes a key player; the sound technician, the lady who brought cake, your seatmate’s coat, the curtains that lend shape to the lighting, the road you drove to get there, the things you will say to the performer, the glass of water on the stage, the shift and creak of the audience breathing. 

It’s good to know that an alternative exists; but you can’t beat the real thing.

Stephen Fearing in Concert

November 24th

Bellevue Valley Lodge


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