Countdown, 12 days ’til Christmas!

Suvi leapsChristmas is all year ’round here – Enn and I always know to make a split decision for acquisition when we see something we want, and usually the item is not only wanted, but necessary! This certain mutual gift is no exception.

Meet Suvi, our newest family member! She is a… well, we are not sure what she will turn out to be, but suffice to say she is a registered Northern Dog. Smart, cheerful, and oodles of fun. Born in August, along the James Bay Coast, a place where every season except winter is a short and sweet time, we gave her an Estonian name that means “Summer”  ~ because sometimes in this winter landscape we need a reminder that the light will return, and the fair breezes will come back.

Winter solstice is upon us next weekend. We will light a bonfire, play in the snow, and ring in the return of the light with friends, food and music. This is the night we can write out our year – or perhaps a lifetime? of regret, sorrow and anger into simple words  – our “bummers” – onto a bit of birchbark and send those words into the stars as fiery embers; it reminds us to make room in our hearts to place grateful thoughts for all the things we have that enrich our lives, and for the paths we choose to take.

Sometimes making a split second decision to adopt a puppy works that way too!

Happy Solstice to everyone out there in the starry world, and i hope you find your puppy of joy to enrich your lives this winter! Or if you like, come share ours … she certainly has a lot of capacity for enjoying humans, and we also have a lot of open nights still available in our chalet, and in the B&B, for this winter season of snow-playing. With the new management at Searchmont Resort and Stokely, as well as a very auspicious jet stream pattern to bring us oodles of snow, looks like it will be a wonderful start to 2015!

2 thoughts on “Countdown, 12 days ’til Christmas!

  1. Fantastic Robin and Enn. Sounds like you are really enjoying the new pup. I still hope to make the long drive across Ontario for the Snow Flea … was out this past weekend on my new tele boards – loads of fun. All the best for the festive season! Kevin


    1. Kevin, great to hear from you! We had two good early weeks of skiing here as well – even with the past week of above zero temps there is still a great base but now we have to wait for it to firm up again. Glad you got some fun new skis, what did you end up adopting?


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