Will 2020 bring a clarity of vision?

We can hope so! But at what point does proactive vision and hope fail? Just what kind of vision does our world need now? I'm not much for New Year's resolutions, but it is nice to have a quiet afternoon to contemplate some questions such as this, some of the struggle of this past year, … Continue reading Will 2020 bring a clarity of vision?

Safe Returns – April 20th 2017

Even before I opened one bleary eye at dawn this morning, I heard him.  - "Eeee - oh-layyy! bup bup -.....Layoieeee! ....bup bup EEEoh layyy, ...Leee ohieeEEE!" Nothing means spring has arrived as much as the call of the wood thrush.  Even though every morning now brings a welcome song that means an old friend has arrived back home.  It was … Continue reading Safe Returns – April 20th 2017

Waaaahh! …it’s over!

The 20th Annual Snowflea Telefest has been, and gone - yet we are still basking in the great bounty...of friendships, food, music, laughter, and the deep contented tiredness that comes from the physical challenge of donning a largesse of gear to co-exist with the elements of nature. Kudos to all the happy, stalwart and impervious … Continue reading Waaaahh! …it’s over!

2016 – 30 years!?

Oooomph!! That's a hard thing to believe! 30 years since this little guy showed up in our long winter's night dreams, and helped us embark on this interesting venture. And ... "what a long strange trip it has been"! As Enn and I head into our 30th year as keen ambassadors for back country telemark skiing - (all right, it's … Continue reading 2016 – 30 years!?

Countdown to Snowflea Telefest 2015! February 20-22

Our Winter of Contentment = A Snow Day, Everyday! 🙂 Hello Lodge-Blog! It's been SO long since I've stopped by to have a cup of tea with you, I was very happy to see you still sitting here, patiently waiting for a Bellevue update. What a loyal little blog you are! It's been a beautiful winter for back-country skiing … Continue reading Countdown to Snowflea Telefest 2015! February 20-22

Annual Fall “Lopp-It-Good” – happening November 8th 2014

Hi folks, A lovely little nip is in the air today - you can smell snowflakes in the stratosphere. Yes, you can! 😉 All the maple and poplar leaves have been set free, swirling in huge drifts over the yard. Raking has been a chore with these huge northeasterly blows happening all week. Only the rubrous oak and citrine … Continue reading Annual Fall “Lopp-It-Good” – happening November 8th 2014