Lop-It-Good ~ on November 5th 2011!

Hey there! Sorry for the short notice - Enn and I have been a bit pre-occupied lately. However announcements are never too late - unless there are not announced, right?  So for all you lurky loppers out there, this here's yer official notice of the annual Lodge Lop-It, November 5th, 2011, (ye...eess, 10 days from … Continue reading Lop-It-Good ~ on November 5th 2011!

Post-Snowflea 2011

  In the face of World and Weather Adversity – we pulled it off! 15th Annual Telefest has been and gone! Thanks to all (32) of you who made it through the Wicked Winds of the West, the swaying Bridges of Michigan County, and the disheartening possibility of bulletproof Crème Brulé Crust on all your … Continue reading Post-Snowflea 2011

Magazine Article about Snowflea

Our  local writer and journalist, Conor Mihell, has written an exceptional article about his telemark skiing experiences chasing Enn, Jorma Paloniemi and the rest of the 'Fleas around our backwoods mountains at last years' Snowflea. Check it out in the new magazine, SBC Skier (SBC stands for Snowboard Canada). The Sault Star also picked it … Continue reading Magazine Article about Snowflea